Monday, April 16, 2007

Trip to D.C. signals Fred's intentions?

From McClatchy:

Why all the interest in a man who isn't even running?

"The other candidates are not getting the traction they need," Wamp said. "They've been out there already, and people are looking for an alternative. They're looking for a consistent conservative who is reliable and strong."

He said Thompson strikes a chord because he's a consistent conservative - against abortion and for tax cuts and the Pentagon. And he said Thompson has the Hollywood breeding and communications skills reminiscent of Ronald Reagan that help win elections.

Thompson has one professional and one personal hurdle to overcome before deciding to enter the race, Wamp said.

At work, he has to clear up contractual issues with the television show, which wouldn't be able to show reruns featuring him during the campaign. At home, he has to have the support of his family - a real requirement, given the reason he left politics.

But he already appears to be moving toward jumping in. Just last week, he wrote a column for The Wall Street Journal lauding tax cuts - always a popular plank in a Republican campaign. This week he meets with House Republicans. And in May, he's to give a major speech to the Lincoln Club of Orange County, California, long a bastion of California conservatism.

"There is a strong possibility he becomes a candidate," said Wamp. "This is not a flirtation. This is serious."

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