Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fred Thompson's Conservative Credentials...

Mind you that this is coming from an MSM writer with extreme BDS:

Upon entering the Senate in 1994, having campaigned on a platform of campaign finance reform, term limits and lower congressional salaries and pay raises, he immediately set out to work on keeping his word to the voters. As a member of the Government Affairs Committee, he helped put into law the Congressional Accountability Act, a bill that subjected congressmen to the same labor laws as businesses, and worked unsuccessfully to enact a raft of ambitious reforms, including a constitutional amendment to establish term limits and legislation to overhaul the bloated budget process.

Although he continued to press for wide-reaching reform during the remainder of his Senate years, helping him retain the image of a commonsense, independent politician unafraid of ruffling some insider Beltway feathers to get the job done in the eyes of his constituency, when push came to shove and bills needed to be voted on, Thompson could always be counted on as a reliable vote for the Republicans. According to the non-partisan Project Vote Smart, Thompson stood toe-to-toe with a handful of colleagues on voting the Republican Party line most often, supporting Contract With America items 100 percent of the time. He did so by consistently voting to cut funding for education and welfare reform and to increase military spending, and by voting against pro-choice legislation and anti-gun bills. However, he also bucked party trends (and his supposedly reformist image) by opposing the banning of gift-giving by lobbyists and tort reform.
If you'll note the tone of Jacquot's tome, you'll see that he's actually complaining about the emboldened content of the latter paragraph. Like it's a bad thing, or something.

Other Republicans in this race have at one time or another been MSM darlings. Take McCain, or Hagel for instance, who have been "fawned over" time and time again, be it for witholding nominations for conservative judges, or parroting the dem party line on the Iraq war (of course, McCain has taken a MSM popularity hit as of late with his steadfast support of our war effort). When the MSM sycophantically labels a Republican "principled," or a "maverick," one must necessarily call to question such politicians' judgments.

But when the left complains about a Republican and his stance on issues, you know that man's gotta be doing something right!

Run Fred, Run!

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