Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fred Gets more Endorsements!

From here:

One of Ronald Reagan’s key advisers, Michael Deavers, has endorsed Senator Thompson. This is a great feather in Thompson’s cap. It is looking more and more like Thompson is a serious candidate.

By Tim Shipman in Washington, Sunday Telegraph, UK

Ronald Reagan’s closest allies are throwing their weight behind the White House bid by the late president’s fellow actor, Fred Thompson.

The film star and former Republican senator from Tennessee will this week use a speech in the heart of Reagan country, in southern California, to woo party bigwigs in what insiders say is the next step in his coming out as a candidate.

Fred Thompson, Reagan’s men are backing - an actor

A key figure in the Reagan inner circle has now given his seal of approval to Mr Thompson, best known as a star of the television crime drama Law and Order.
America, now more than ever, needs strong leadership and an unerring moral compass.

More and more people are starting to recognize that Fred Thompson is that leader!

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