Friday, April 6, 2007

Thompson: The alphabets are noticing...

From ABC:

April 6, 2007— The winds behind the 'Draft Fred Thompson' movement are getting stronger.

Dalton-ites have re-launched a new website in the latest effort to convince the actor-turned-politician-turned actor (and ABC News Radio host) to step out of semi-private life and back onto the political stage to make a run for the Republican presidential nomination.

The website's front page makes its pitch in bold letters: "Republicans want a presidential nominee who can bring our Nation together and who stands squarely on the conservative principles of Ronald Reagan. Fred Thompson's record is solid. He does not waffle. He knows where he stands because he is sure of what he believes.

Above and beyond that, give conservatives a true conservative candidate that they can stand behind, and they'll run through concrete walls for that candidate.

Thompson has the power to energize, and when he decides to run you'll see a flurry of energy and activity in the Republican base that has been unknown since the days of Ronaldus Magnus.

The only thing this blogger has to say is, Run Fred, Run!

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