Friday, April 20, 2007

Dick Morris: Run Fred, Run--NOW!

From Fox:

For everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven — even a time to declare one’s presidential candidacy. And, for Fred Thompson, the time is now!

Momentum has been building for Thompson in the past six weeks. If he announces his presidency run in the next few weeks, he will coast easily into a berth in the Republican finals against Rudy Giuliani. But if he delays — as he shows signs of wanting to do — he will miss the boat.

For many candidates, delay means that they don’t have to stand out and be targets until later in the game. But for Thompson, delay could be fatal. The major negative against the former Tennessee senator is that he lacks the heart or the fire in the belly to compete and win. With Hillary Clinton looming as the expected Democratic nominee, victory is of surpassing importance to the Republican primary electorate. Republicans will not nominate someone who they think is ambivalent about running.
I agree with Morris on this one. Fred is a strong candidate with strong values. It is my opinion that he has the wherewithall to, in Reaganesque fashion, rise above any mudslinging and be an effective candidate, and even more importantly, be an effective President!

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