Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thompson Fires Back at Ponnuru

From NRO:

On Friday, Ramesh Ponnuru penned an article called “Thompson’s Tort Trouble.” While he referenced my conservative voting record he took issue with two instances when I voted against “tort reform.” He noted my stand on federalist grounds but thinks I must have a mistaken view of federalism and that conservatives may want to ask me a few hard questions.

This hardly constitutes the stuff of a major dispute, but I would submit that the problem is not so much my mistaken view of federalism as much as it is his lack of commitment to the principle. This presents conservatives with an opportunity to have a much needed discussion.
Read the whole thing--it's a veritable lesson in Civics 101.

Unlike our current president, who nearly inexplicably has let many barbs fly past him without any responses, Fred Thompson isn't afraid to let others know where he stands. In my opinion, this will be an important quality in our next President, as it is my opinion that one of the reasons that democrats have gained so much ground in the years leading up to '06 is that many frivolous challenges to Bush and other Republicans largely went unanswered; leaving Republican party looking much like an amiable dunce, not knowing when to put up your dukes when the playground bully starts picking on you.

What I also find striking in that article is Fred Thompson's absolute commitment to principle; truth be told, the lack of also led to the shellacking of the Republican majority this past election.

Much as others may be waiting for the other shoe to drop in this case, I firmly believe that Fred is the real deal.

I'd make book on it.

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