Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Is Thompson indeed a sure candidate?

On the Fox News show Special Report with Brit Hume, the “all-star” panel commented on the possible candidacy of Fred Thompson….for US Attorney General!!!!

The subject of embattled AG Alberto Gonzales was broached amongst Hume and political pundits Fred Barnes, Mort Kondracke and Mara Liasson. Speculation of a possible replacement was how Thompson’s name was thrown into the mix. Thompson served as an assistant US attorney from 1969-1972. His legal career is most noteworthy for serving as co-chief counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee.

Alas, clumsily firing US attorneys is itself not a fireable offense. In fact, President Bush just gave Gonzales a “vote of confidence.” Combine that with the fact that no one pines for what would certainly be long, drawn out confirmation hearings for a new AG. Therefore, a vacancy in the US Attorney General’s office in the near future is unlikely.

Ah, but one cannot bring up the name Fred Thompson without commenting on a possible presidential run. Given Thompson’s continued duties as Senior Analyst for ABC radio, Barnes and Liasson expressed slight reservations about Thompson even running at all. Barnes himself also stated that he doubts Thompson has the desire for a long, grueling campaign.

Stay tuned!

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