Monday, November 12, 2007

Fred's Plan for Social Security

From CBS News:

Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson outlined Friday a plan to overhaul Social Security that he says would keep the program solvent, but, studies say, could also significantly lower benefits relative to the current system.

Thompson is the first of the major candidates to outline a plan for preserving the entitlement program, which he says will go bankrupt by 2041 if no changes are made. “The ugly truth is that we’re going to lose it as we know it if we don’t do something about it,” Thompson said. “Our current path is unsustainable.”

Under his plan, which the former senator unveiled in Washington, workers would be able to contribute two percent of pre-tax income into a personal savings account, with contributions matched by the government - a proposal not unlike that put forward by President Bush early in his second term that failed to gain traction in Congress.

Benefits under Thompson's plan would be indexed to inflation, not wages as they are now. Because inflation rises at a smaller rate than wages, the practical effect of this change would be a reduction in benefits when compared to the current system - a difference of nearly 50 percent, according to some studies.

“It’s idealistic and does not have a huge political upside,” Thompson said. “But we need avoid pitting one generation against each other.”

However, the plan would preserve benefits for those over 57 years old, a move that could make the proposal more acceptable to elderly Americans, who tend to vote in large numbers.

While admitting his plan would cut benefits to future retirees, Thompson said he believes it is better to solve the Social Security problem now than waiting until the system collapses. “Personal retirement accounts and economic growth cannot solve this problem, even though my opponents say it can,” he said.
In an era of politics when everyone is afraid of their own shadow, it's refreshing to see a statesman tackle a "third rail issue" like social security!

Fred Thompson's not afraid to tackle the tough issues, and to assess them realistically.


Fred Thompson endorsed by Pro Life Group!

Look here:

Nat'l Right to Life to endorse Thompson

Fred Thompson will pick up the support of the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) tomorrow, according to two Republicans familar with the decision.

For a candidate who came up empty-handed last week when three prominent Christian conservatives endorsed GOP hopefuls and is falling in both national and early state polls, the move comes at a critical time.

NRLC is the most prominent anti-abortion group in the country, with affiliates in all 50 states and over 3,000 local chapters.

Some critics are poo-poo-ing the endorsement due to Fred's federalist stance on the abortion issue; but in my mind, leaving the power to the States to decide is the quickest, most efficient means to save the most lives in the shortest possible time!

Congrats to Fred for receiving this important endorsement!


Monday, November 5, 2007

Col. Joe Repya to Stump for Fred!

Colonel Joe Repya, Iraq war veteran, republican activist, and head of the "Vets for Bush" campaign in 2004, has taken a similar position with the Fred Thompson Campaign!

"GOP Joe" is a discerning conservative, who doesn't take kindly to RINOs.

Andy at Residual Forces has the details.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fred on the Right to Life

Essentially, it would appear that Fred wants to take us back to pre- Roe v. Wade days:

Fred essentially wants to turn the power over to the states. This I can agree with. To the best of my knowledge, there are no Federal murder laws, outside of those that take place on Federal property. The states, then, would be the rightful stewards of the abortion issue and legislation pertaining to abortion.

Note that Fred would not support any federal funding for abortion, whether domestically or overseas.

Jay, over at Stop the ACLU, says this:

One admirable trait of Fred’s is that he has never pretended to be on both sides of any issue during this election. He has always claimed a federalist view on social issues, and he’s been consistent. I am one of the most social conservative bloggers around, and I agree that most of the solution is with the people. I agree that these decisions should be made by the families and the State representing the views of its majority. Most likely, the only way abortion will ever diminish is if Roe Vs. Wade is overturned. Fred Thompson agrees that this Supreme Court decision was a bad one. It was this decision that put the issue of abortion in the Federal government hands in the first place. Liberals should remember this the next time they complain that the Federal government is trying to “trample on women’s rights’”. Whether its abortion or homosexual marraige it is best left at the State levels.

Fred and Phil Martin

It's all over the place right now that one of Fred's key advisors has a criminal record--from over 20 years ago:

Fred Thompson said Sunday that he wishes he had known earlier that one of his key presidential campaign advisers pleaded guilty to drug charges but he still thinks Phil Martin is "a good man."

Martin, a businessman who has lent Thompson his Cessna to fly around the country, is one of four campaign co-chairman for the '08 Republican candidate. The Washington Post reports Sunday that Martin also posted a guilty plea in 1979 for selling 11 pounds of marijuana and a no contest plea in 1983 for cocaine trafficking and conspiracy.

Judgment was withheld on the first plea while Martin served out probation. The 1983 charges, along with a felony bookmaking charge, came while he was still serving that probation. Martin's probation was extended and he served no jail time.

If this is the worst dirt that one can dig up on Fred, I'd say, have at it.

Martin has turned his life around and has obviously made something of himself. He has given ample time to prove himself in society and has done so.

When Fred himself, or his associates, start engaging in real criminal behavior, let me know.

Until then, yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwnnn....

At the very least, Fred isn't taking money from terrorists.


Martin has voluntarily resigned.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fred's Views on the Second Amendment

...along with his seriousness in protecting our Second Amendment rights can be fairly well summarized in this article.

When Fred says something, damn it, he means it!

Media Event...

Set your TiVos for tomorrow morning, as Fred Thompson will be on Meet the Press as it nears its 60th anniversary. Meet the Press will air at its usual time of 10 am central, 9 am eastern (except in New York City, when it will air at 8am due to coverage of the Boston Marathon.