Thursday, May 31, 2007

Novak on Thompson

From here:

Thompson implied at Stamford that Republicans, along with Democrats, are responsible for making Americans cynical. While so far not spelling this out publicly, he deplores ethical abuses, profligate spending and incompetent management of the Iraq war. He becomes incandescent when considering abysmal CIA and Justice Department performance under the Bush administration. He is enraged by Justice's actions in decisions leading to Scooter Libby's prison sentence.

In his Senate voting record and his public utterances, Thompson is more conservative than Giuliani, McCain or Romney. He takes a hard line on the War on Terror and worries about immigration policy creating a permanent American underclass. Beyond ideology, Thompson envisions a 21st-century campaign, utilizing the Internet more and spending less money than his opponents. When speaking to a friendly audience or ruminating off the record, the 6-foot-7 actor-politician does not look or sound like the GOP's announced candidates for President. His challenge will be to convey that impression when he appears with opponents on the same stage in the immediate future.

One step closer.

This is what they mean by "clearing the decks".

Fred Thompson is giving up his post as D.A. on NBC's "Law & Order."

Thompson, a former Republican senator from Tennessee who has flirted with the idea of running for president but has yet to announce his candidacy, played District Attorney Arthur Branch on the long-running crime drama for the past five seasons.

"I've spoken to Fred today, and although he told me he has not made a firm decision about his political future, he felt that given the creative and scheduling constraints of the upcoming season, he asked to be released from his responsibilities to the show," "Law & Order" creator/executive producer Dick Wolf said Wednesday. "I will sincerely miss working with him on a regular basis, and I obviously wish him the best of luck with whatever the future holds."

The statement came hours after news reports indicated that Thompson will form a presidential committee this week.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fred's raising funds!

So reports the USA Today:

Former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson hasn't formally announced he'll run for the Republican presidential nomination -- but today he did begin raising money for a prospective bid, USA TODAY Washington bureau chief Susan Page writes. She continues:

In a conference call with about 100 people -- many of whom have urged him to jump in the race -- Thompson asked for their help in raising funds for a testing-the-waters committee, which is likely to be formed next week. That money could be used for a campaign when and if he's ready to run.

"I'm not saying anything against any of the candidates, but I think he can fill the vacuum that has not been filled yet on the Republican side," Mack Mattingly, a former U.S. senator from Georgia who was on the call, says of Thompson. He predicts the actor and former senator "will be just like a magnet" who can attract conservative Democrats and Republicans.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

As Expected...

Undeclared candidate Fred Thompson is creaming all the declared candidates.

With Thompson's stand on illegal immigration, who can blame them?

You can cast your vote here, yourself.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The juggernaut solidifies...

From The Fix:

Former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.) is growing more and more serious about a run for president, installing a former aide to President George H.W. Bush as his "campaign manager in waiting."

Tom Collamore, a former vice president of public affairs at Altria, has been leading the behind-the scenes organization efforts for a Thompson presidential candidacy and will be intimately involved when (not if) the former senator decides to announce a bid.

Collamore joined the Reagan administration in 1981 as special assistant to Commerce Secretary Malcolm Baldrige. He was named staff secretary to Vice President George H.W. Bush in 1985 and was part of Bush's transition team when he won the White House in 1988. Collamore was then named assistant secretary of Commerce in 1989. In 1992, Collamore joined Philip Morris Cos., which became Altria in 2003.

The decision to put Collamore atop the Thompson campaign reflects a desire to have a learned Washington hand at the tiller -- even as Thompson is positioning himself as a conservative outsider in this contest. It also shows that Thompson will not seek simply to replicate the political network of former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.). While Frist is an informal adviser to Thompson, his campaign people have largely been kept out of the loop as Thompson prepares to make a run.
And that run will come none too soon:
...The buzz continues to grow that Thompson will indeed join the race sometime before the end of June. At last week's Republican debate in South Carolina, flyers were handed out in the media filing center that had a glossy picture of Thompson and touted endorsements from the likes of Reps. Gresham Barrett (SC.), Jeff Miller (Fla.), Don Manzullo (Ill.) and Steve Buyer (Ind.). The flyer was sponsored by the Draft Thompson effort.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fred Thompson: Right on Immigration!

Fred on the Amnesty illegal immigration act currently sailing through Congress without a peep of debate:

Scrap This Bill

By Fred Thompson

With this bill, the American people are going to think they are being sold the same bill of goods as before on border security. We should scrap this bill and the whole debate until we can convince the American people that we have secured the borders or at least have made great headway.

Which other viable GOP candidate is right on this issue?

The way I see it is:

This is illegal immigration:

And this is illegal immigration, after Fred gets done with it:

Any questions?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The non-candidate candidate...

...took 2nd place in a recent Harris poll:

Fred Thompson, the former U.S. Senator from Tennessee and TV and movie star, is now tied with Senator John McCain for second place as the Republicans' first choice for President in the 2008 elections. However, they are both a long way behind former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is preferred by fully 38 percent of those who believe they will vote in the Republican primaries or caucuses.
The current wide field of candidates will soon thin, with the cream rising to the top. Giuliani's complete dissing of the pro-life movement within the Republican party will not do him any favors as the primaries draw near. Fred Thompson's upcoming break from his TV career suggests that he is more than serious about running; and this and other polls around the nation suggests that he has more than adequate support.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Close Circuit to Michael Moore...

Never bring a pea shooter to a gunfight.

That is all.

Moore challenges Thompson to debate.

Propagandist Filmmaker Michael Moore has responded to Thompson’s criticism of his trip to Cuba.

In your May 2, 2007 National Review article, "Paradise Island," you specifically raised concerns about whether my trip to Cuba with 9/11 heroes, who have suffered serious health problems as a result of their exposure to toxic substances at Ground Zero that have gone untreated was somehow going to support Castro and the Cuban government.

Moore blathered on and then ended his letter to Thompson by challenging him to a debate.

Thompson responded via video.

Monday, May 14, 2007

First things First!

Thompson at NRO:

One thing about folks knowing you are going to speak at the Council for National Policy, you get lots of advice as to what to say. A lot of good advice. Good talking points. In fact enough for several speeches. Also, some of your friends, knowing that you are thinking about running for President, urge you to give a rousing campaign speech.

Hopefully there will be an opportunity to do all of those things but tonight instead of all of that, I want to talk a little about what should be the origin of all those talking points. This would be the principles on which they are based — first principles. The principles you have been defending since 1981.

For Americans, these are found in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. They include a recognition of God and the fact there are certain rights that come from Him and not the government. They are based upon a respect for the wisdom of the ages, and a belief that human beings are prone to err; that too much power must never rest in too few hands. The result is a system of checks and balances and a separation of powers that flow from our guiding documents and from the rule of law.

Finally, if we want to change or alter these concepts or any provision in the Constitution, we are given a specific method to do that — by Constitutional Amendment.

So how are we doing as a nation in upholding these first principles? The answer is we could be doing better … a lot better.

I want to tell you a couple of short stories from my own personal experience. Each story is about a man. They are both public figures and I was blessed with the opportunity to be of some small assistance to each of them. Their circumstances have to do with these first principles.

First, an observation. Our nation is based upon the proposition that our statutes, common law and the Constitution will not only be applied fairly between litigants, but will also be observed by the government. People will be able to rely upon the rules, usually long established, and their consistent application. This engenders respect for the law. It is a sad irony that a nation that is so dedicated to the rule of law is doing so much to undermine the respect for it.

Our founders established an independent federal judiciary to decide cases, not social policy. Yet more and more that is exactly what it is doing. Roe v. Wade is a classic example. And nowhere is it more apparent than with regard to the issue of church and state.

Many federal judges seem intent on eliminating God from the public schools and the public square in ways that would astound our founding fathers. We never know when a five to four Supreme Court decision will uphold them. They ignore the fact that the founders were protecting the church from the state and not the other way around. Instead of having the basic rules of society changed in the way clearly set forth in the Constitution by two-thirds votes of both Houses and by three-fourths of the states, the entire process is reversed by the stroke of a pen and supporters of the rule of law have the burden placed upon them, which is usually insurmountable.

We have always held our federal judiciary in high esteem, even at a time when most of our institutions are under assault. However, if judges continue to act like politicians they will get the respect currently given to politicians. It is already rapidly headed in that direction. The antidote for this, of course, is good judges. And presidents who know one when they see one … one like John Roberts.

John Roberts is the first of the individuals I referred to earlier. The President asked me to help Judge Roberts through the Senate confirmation process. Certain things were apparent at the outset — he was a Conservative, he believed deeply in first principles, including the rule of law and, lastly, his opponents would do everything they could to defeat his nomination.

Judge Roberts’s character, intellect, and devotion to the law were unassailable. Of course for a conservative this is just the beginning of the discussion, not the end. The usual liberal outside groups mounted their horses and charged, but we fought the battle and won. However, we were reminded once again of several things during this process.

· What a steep price even the best Conservative nominee has to pay. The Washington Post “Style” section criticized the way his small children were dressed. The New York Times was caught trying to get the adoption records of his children unsealed.

· We were reminded how desperate the liberal community is to keep the deck stacked in their favor.

· And most importantly, we were reminded that the quality of an individual can overcome all obstacles. So he is now Chief Justice John Roberts.

I kept wondering throughout all of this, why would politicians want this to be the last experience a man would have before he assumed the role of Chief Justice of the United States?

This also brought home again the importance of elections of a President and the Senate. It is ironic indeed that any President’s legacy could well be formed on the basis of something that is usually very far from the public’s consciousness — the nomination of federal judges. And on this nomination and that of Justice Alito this President can be proud and our entire nation can be grateful.

The other man is in a less lofty position. After years of sacrifice and service to his country, he sits at home with his wife and two children awaiting a prison sentence. His name is Scooter Libby.

As you may recall, for some inexplicable reason, the CIA sent the husband of one of its employees to Niger on a sensitive mission. She had suggested it. He came back to the U.S. and proceeded to publicly blast the administration. Naturally, everyone wanted to know “who is this guy?” and “why was he sent to Niger?” Just as naturally, the fact that he was married to Valerie Plame at the CIA was leaked.

Having virtually guaranteed that Ms. Plame’s identity would be ultimately disclosed by using her, shall we say, “politically active” husband, the CIA then demanded that this leak of her name be investigated by the Justice Department for a possible violation of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act.

The Justice Department, bowing to political and media pressure, appointed a Special Counsel to investigate the leak and promised that the Justice Department would exercise no supervision over him whatsoever — a status even the Attorney General does not have.

The only problem with this little scenario was that there was no violation of the law, by anyone, and everybody — the CIA, the Justice Department and the Special Counsel knew it. Ms. Plame was not a “covered person” under the statute and it was obvious from the outset.

Furthermore, Justice and the Special Counsel knew who leaked Plames’s name and it wasn’t Scooter Libby. But the Beltway machinery was well oiled and geared up so the Special Counsel spent the next two years moving heaven and earth to come up with something, anything. Finally he came up with some inconsistent recollections by Scooter Libby, who had been up to his ears studying National Intelligence Estimates. But he worked for Dick Cheney, so that apparently was enough for the special counsel.

I didn’t know Scooter Libby, but I did know something about this intersection of law, politics, special counsels and intelligence. And it was obvious to me that what was happening was not right. So I called him to see what I could do to help, and along the way we became friends. You know the rest of the story: a D.C. jury convicted him.

In our system all citizens are guaranteed equal protection. And when we appropriate unlimited resources and give unlimited power and direct it all toward one individual, there had better be extraordinary circumstances. There were none here. Just a case of public officials without the courage to do the right thing and stop this farce before it began. In no other prosecutor’s office in the country would a case like this one have been brought.

Incidentally, this was shortly after Sandy Berger, the National Security Advisor to President Bill Clinton, received a slap on the wrist by the Justice Department for lying about and then confessing that he stole and destroyed what we think were classified documents. We’ll never know, because he destroyed them. But we do know that he didn’t want the 9-11 Commission to see them. But nobody was clamoring for his head. Back to Libby.

I have called for a pardon for Scooter Libby. When you rectify an injustice using the provisions of the law, just as when you reverse an erroneous court decision, you are not disregarding the rule of law, you are enforcing and protecting it.

The Roberts nomination shows us that we can win against those who would use the Constitution for their own ends, even though it is always a fight.

Libby’s prosecution demonstrates how injustices can occur when public officials lack the courage to go against the public clamor and to do the right thing, thereby perverting the rule of law.

All this of course, reminds us of what Washington has become and why more good people are not coming into public service. Add to that the bitter divisiveness on Capitol Hill with regard to all things large and small, and you can almost see Americans throwing up their hands. They’ve got to be wondering, how are today’s leaders going to lead us with regard to all these difficult issues if they can’t even agree on fundamentals — things that are supposed to bind us together.

Some of you may think that this is not a very optimistic outlook. I’m reminded of something my Daddy used to say: A man who walks around smiling all the time can’t possibly know what’s going on. However, I am optimistic. I think we all are. But as Americans, our optimism comes not from an analysis of how things are, but from our belief that we can change what we see for the better.

We have road maps — at least two of them in fact — the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution — to guide us. How can we look at the world without thinking about inalienable rights, and doing everything necessary to protect our country? How can we think of fiscal policy or even health-care policy without remembering the limitations appropriately placed upon government and the importance of individual freedom?

This is a message that needs to be delivered. The people in this room have been delivering it for a long time. We must rededicate ourselves to this commitment and to the magnificent legacy we have been given. And I am honored to join you in this effort. Thank you.

Oh yeah... he's running!

There are many out there who have speculated that Fred Thompson won't give up a lucrative gig on "Law & Order" to run for President.

It just so happens that NBC execs beg to differ:

Does Fred Thompson have a future on "Law & Order"? Unlikely.

"It's pretty clear Fred will be leaving the cast," Kevin Reilly, president of NBC Entertainment, told TV reporters Monday.

Questioned some more, Reilly revised the comment: "It's highly likely that Fred won't be back this year."

Hmmm. I think Thompson is outta there. Thompson is considering a run for president.

Umm hmm...

The Countdown continues...

Many have wondered why Fred Thompson has waited so long to enter the 2008 Presidential race.

In retrospect, it looks to have been the smart move. Rudy Giuliani has hung himself with the conservative base by reiterating his pro-abortion stance. And Mitt Romney has not garnered the trust of many evangelicals. It isn’t because of his Mormon religion so much as it is his “about face” on the life issue just within the past couple of years. And John McCain is…well, John McCain.

Since many evangelical Christians opted to stay home during the 2006 elections, it appears they are still waiting to be dazzled by the 2008 prospects.

Enter Thompson.

Several leading Christian conservatives say they will rally to former Sen. Fred Thompson, who they expect to announce "in a matter of weeks" that he will seek the Republican nomination for president next year.

"It's not 'if' but 'when,' he will announce," one Protestant evangelical leader says of the behind-the-scenes maneuvering for position in the 2008 race.

A prominent Roman Catholic social conservative says the three Republicans who have raised the most money and have led the polls -- former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, Arizona Sen. John McCain and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney -- fall short of social conservatives' expectations, but Mr. Thompson doesn't. "He's right on the issues ... He's better than all of the above."

Both the Protestant and Catholic activist, like other Christian conservatives, spoke to The Times on the condition of anonymity.

You had better speak anonymously. Otherwise you might get CREW coming after you.

But I digress.

Come on aboard, Mr. Thompson!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fred on Tenet...

A great piece by Fred Thompson over at NRO. Among the highlights:

On the issue of weapons of mass destruction, although Iraq undoubtedly had such weapons in the past, Tenet acknowledges that everybody got it wrong as to whether they would have them at the time of the invasion. On the nuclear issue, he said that the CIA thought that Saddam was five to seven years away from a nuclear capability — unless he was able to obtain fissile material from another source.

A couple of things occur to me here. In the first place, is five to seven years that far away? Since four years have passed since the invasion, that would be only a year from now if we had not invaded. If he had been able to obtain fissile materials, the time could have been much shorter. There are over 40 countries in the world with fissile material sufficient to make a nuclear bomb and much of it is unguarded.

The CIA could have been on the short side or on the long side of the estimate. They have underestimated the capabilities of hostile nations before, such as North Korea’s missile technologies. Also, Tenet acknowledged that before the Gulf War, the CIA had underestimated how far along Saddam was on his nuclear program.

All of this hardly fits with the notion that Saddam posed no threat. As Tenet made the media rounds, he may have helped the administration as much as hurt it, but he was in no danger of having that fact highlighted by his interviewers.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Regarding Grasping at Straws...

The left must be really afraid of Fred Thompson. Not yet a declared candidate, yet that doesn't stop the leftist media from pulling out all the stops. And I mean all the stops.

While he has benefited in polls of Republican voters because of his role as a no-nonsense prosecutor on the hit show Law & Order, potential presidential candidate Fred Thompson probably doesn't want to be known for a smaller role in his acting career.
Mistake no 1: Misattribution of popularity. Fred Thompson isn't popular merely because of his role as Arthur Branch. His popularity among conservatives stems largely from three simple facts:

1. Fred Thompson is a conservative.
2. Fred Thompson articulates the conservative message well.
3. Fred Thompson is principled.

Now, on with this clueless drivel:
Thompson played a charismatic racist named Knox Pooley in a small arc of the CBS show "Wiseguy" in 1988, the Los Angeles Times reported this week. The Times Tina Daun noted that the former Republican senator portrayed a "white supremacist, spewing anti-Semitic comments and fondling an autographed copy of 'Mein Kampf' on a television drama 19 years ago," and that it may mark a "new era" in "the long relationship between Hollywood and politics," by combining "an actor's dream and a candidate's nightmare — a world where nothing you ever said is forgotten."
If that's the best the left can do against Fred Thompson, I'd say he's more than electable. If they have to scrape that low to get any perceived dirt on him, I'd say it's a fair bet that Thompson has few, if any skeletons in his closet. After all, he's been in the public eye in one manner or form since the 1970s, and has managed to eschew the Hollywood self-destruct mindset, as well as the slings and arrows sent his way by the loyal opposition that was and is the democrat party.

Cheap shots like this, friends, is good news!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Thompson sounding more and more like a candidate.

It seems to be a matter of when, not if, Fred Thompson will declare his candidacy.

Personally, I'm hoping he jumps into the fray soon!!

Fred Thompson isn't officially in the race for the Republican nomination yet, but the former Tennessee Senator and "Law & Order" star is sounding a lot like a candidate.

"If I didn't think I could win in November I wouldn't think about it," Thomspon said in an interview with Scott Baker for

Thompson said he "had some thoughts" about when he might officially jump into the crowded field of Republican candidates, but he said he wasn't "ready to talk about that too much."

But, if he commits to running for president, Thompson said he will not do it halfway.

"I'm not interested in winning a primary and losing in November," he said in the interview. "I'm not interested in being the tallest midget in the room."

I think Thompson was smart in waiting until after the first GOP debate, which took place last Thursday evening. This will allow some candidates to fall by the wayside (i.e. Ron Paul, Tommy Thompson, Tom Tancredo) and give Republican voters a clearer choice of whom to support. With 10 candidates currently in the mix, it's a little overwhelming for the average voter.

The smart money calls for an announcement in June or July.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

The libs are already in panic mode...

Not even a declared candidate, and already dems are trying to dig up dirt, albeit in vain:

Ronald Reagan became president even though he worked with chimps in B movies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger played a murderous robot, and that didn't keep him from becoming governor.

So can "Law & Order" actor and former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.) become the first presidential candidate with this credit? Thompson played a white supremacist, spewing anti-Semitic comments and fondling an autographed copy of "Mein Kampf" on a television drama 19 years ago.

Man, if that's all the dirt they can dig up on Fred, they've got a long row to hoe in '08!

Fred's gonna cream 'em!

Fred will be on C-Span tomorrow night (5-4)

Set your TIVo to C-SPAN at 10:30pm CST tomorrow night (May 4th). Fred will be delivering the Keynote address at the Lincoln Club dinner in Orange County, California.

Fred '08 has the following:

How can we use this event to encourage the Senator to run?

  • Email your friends and colleagues letting them know to tune in tomorrow night.
  • Watch the speech live or video tape the speech
  • After you have watched the speech, take a minute to digitally video record your thoughts on why we need Fred Thompson in the White House. Email either your video clip or your You Tube link to

Also consider:

  • Hosting a Draft Fred Thompson House Party - Invite friends and family to join you for a pleasant dinner then sit with your guests and watch the Senator's speech. Following the speech, ask everyone to sign the petition asking Thompson to run online at

Make it a truly memorable evening by recording a digital video clip highlighting the house party with you and your guests expressing your support for the Senator.

Submit these clips through our YourTube4Fred site at We will highlight the most positive and encouraging clips we receive.

Thank you all you are doing and please keep helping us spread the word that America needs Fred Thompson in the White House!

Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee

Dean Rice, Treasurer

Fred takes on Michael Moo...and Castro, too!

From Pajamas Media:

You might have read the stories about filmmaker Michael Moore taking ailing workers from Ground Zero in Manhattan to Cuba for free medical treatments. According to reports, he filmed the trip for a new movie that bashes America for not having government-provided health care.

Now, I have no expectation that Moore is going to tell the truth about Cuba or health care. I defend his right to do what he does, but Moore’s talent for clever falsehoods has been too well documented. Simply calling his movies documentaries rather than works of fiction, I think, may be the biggest fiction of all.

While this PR stunt has obviously been successful — here I am talking about it — Moore’s a piker compared to Fidel Castro and his regime. Moore just parrots the story they created — one of the most successful public relations coups in history. This is the story of free, high quality Cuban health care.

The truth is that Cuban medical care has never recovered from Castro’s takeover — when the country’s health care ranked among the world’s best. He won the support of the Cuban people by promising to replace Batista’s dictatorship with free elections, and to end corruption. Once in power, though, he made himself dictator and instituted Soviet-style Communism. Cubans not only failed to regain their democratic rights, their economy plunged into centrally planned poverty.

Read the rest!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Fred Thompson takes it to the Big Apple!

Fred Thompson is taking Mrs. Bill Clinton's stronghold of New York City by storm!

We were told by spies for The Caucus that Fred D. Thompson was taking his stealth campaign for president here to New York, the media capital of the world. The venue? The St. Regis Hotel, for an event sponsored by Guggenheim Advisors, the giant hedge fund, where Mr. Thompson and Lawrence B. Lindsey were slated to deliver an “economic policy and national security briefing.”

Not only that, but Thompson is on Hannity now (8pm central) as I type this. His interview will be replayed tonight at 11pm Central!


Fox News has posted the video.

GOP Bloggers Straw Poll

We don't have to tell you which way this one is tilting... take a look at the title of this blog, and let's just say that I'm pleased as punch, though not a tad bit surprised :)

Anyway, here's your chance to cast a vote: