Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fred and Phil Martin

It's all over the place right now that one of Fred's key advisors has a criminal record--from over 20 years ago:

Fred Thompson said Sunday that he wishes he had known earlier that one of his key presidential campaign advisers pleaded guilty to drug charges but he still thinks Phil Martin is "a good man."

Martin, a businessman who has lent Thompson his Cessna to fly around the country, is one of four campaign co-chairman for the '08 Republican candidate. The Washington Post reports Sunday that Martin also posted a guilty plea in 1979 for selling 11 pounds of marijuana and a no contest plea in 1983 for cocaine trafficking and conspiracy.

Judgment was withheld on the first plea while Martin served out probation. The 1983 charges, along with a felony bookmaking charge, came while he was still serving that probation. Martin's probation was extended and he served no jail time.

If this is the worst dirt that one can dig up on Fred, I'd say, have at it.

Martin has turned his life around and has obviously made something of himself. He has given ample time to prove himself in society and has done so.

When Fred himself, or his associates, start engaging in real criminal behavior, let me know.

Until then, yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwnnn....

At the very least, Fred isn't taking money from terrorists.


Martin has voluntarily resigned.

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