Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Regarding Grasping at Straws...

The left must be really afraid of Fred Thompson. Not yet a declared candidate, yet that doesn't stop the leftist media from pulling out all the stops. And I mean all the stops.

While he has benefited in polls of Republican voters because of his role as a no-nonsense prosecutor on the hit show Law & Order, potential presidential candidate Fred Thompson probably doesn't want to be known for a smaller role in his acting career.
Mistake no 1: Misattribution of popularity. Fred Thompson isn't popular merely because of his role as Arthur Branch. His popularity among conservatives stems largely from three simple facts:

1. Fred Thompson is a conservative.
2. Fred Thompson articulates the conservative message well.
3. Fred Thompson is principled.

Now, on with this clueless drivel:
Thompson played a charismatic racist named Knox Pooley in a small arc of the CBS show "Wiseguy" in 1988, the Los Angeles Times reported this week. The Times Tina Daun noted that the former Republican senator portrayed a "white supremacist, spewing anti-Semitic comments and fondling an autographed copy of 'Mein Kampf' on a television drama 19 years ago," and that it may mark a "new era" in "the long relationship between Hollywood and politics," by combining "an actor's dream and a candidate's nightmare — a world where nothing you ever said is forgotten."
If that's the best the left can do against Fred Thompson, I'd say he's more than electable. If they have to scrape that low to get any perceived dirt on him, I'd say it's a fair bet that Thompson has few, if any skeletons in his closet. After all, he's been in the public eye in one manner or form since the 1970s, and has managed to eschew the Hollywood self-destruct mindset, as well as the slings and arrows sent his way by the loyal opposition that was and is the democrat party.

Cheap shots like this, friends, is good news!

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