Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fred will be on C-Span tomorrow night (5-4)

Set your TIVo to C-SPAN at 10:30pm CST tomorrow night (May 4th). Fred will be delivering the Keynote address at the Lincoln Club dinner in Orange County, California.

Fred '08 has the following:

How can we use this event to encourage the Senator to run?

  • Email your friends and colleagues letting them know to tune in tomorrow night.
  • Watch the speech live or video tape the speech
  • After you have watched the speech, take a minute to digitally video record your thoughts on why we need Fred Thompson in the White House. Email either your video clip or your You Tube link to

Also consider:

  • Hosting a Draft Fred Thompson House Party - Invite friends and family to join you for a pleasant dinner then sit with your guests and watch the Senator's speech. Following the speech, ask everyone to sign the petition asking Thompson to run online at

Make it a truly memorable evening by recording a digital video clip highlighting the house party with you and your guests expressing your support for the Senator.

Submit these clips through our YourTube4Fred site at We will highlight the most positive and encouraging clips we receive.

Thank you all you are doing and please keep helping us spread the word that America needs Fred Thompson in the White House!

Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee

Dean Rice, Treasurer

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