Wednesday, January 9, 2008

From the Thompson Campaign:

Yesterday marked the beginning of Fred's Clear Conservative Choice--Hands Down! bus tour through South Carolina.

We had fantastic events in Greenville, Lexington, Camden and Sumter. Fred was greeted by enthusiastic crowds at each stop and took his message directly to hundreds of voters. Today he will be in Florence, Conway, and Myrtle Beach.

He's out there working hard and doing what he does best; talking directly to the people who will determine the outcome of the primary in just 10 days. Check out this footage of yesterday's events.

South Carolina has been an important component of our strategy since this race began, and we have been very focused on laying the groundwork for victory down there for a long time. Our team in the state is second to none and we have an outstanding organization of support throughout the state.

Fred is energized and focused. He's out there pounding the pavement, but he needs your help.

We are very close to meeting our goal for the Red Truck Challenge, help us get there with your contribution today! Forward on Fred's message to your friends and encourage them to join on as Friends of Fred. Log on to our 'Phone for Fred' program and help us reach voters across the state.

For the next 10 days, Fred is putting his all into a victory in South Carolina. He will win. He needs your help! Every bit counts. $10, just one dollar per day!! That's less than a cup of coffee. $25, $50 or even $100 is a small investment for a tremendous impact.

William B. Lacy
Campaign Manager

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