Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fred in the News...

Fred may be a relative latecomer, but don't count him out--not even in Iowa.

Robert Novak concurs

  1. The "X factor" in this race is former Sen. Fred Thompson (Tenn.). Most Iowa Republicans did not even mention his name in discussing candidates they supported or opposed. He simply does not register in the minds of potential GOP caucus-goers, but when asked about him, voters have little negative to say.

  2. Thompson has far more upside potential than any other Republican, and he is spending the entire final stretch in the Hawkeye State. Thompson has perhaps the most broadly conservative record of any candidate besides the three congressmen (see below). Many conservative Iowans currently settling for Romney, Giuliani or Huckabee (or planning a protest vote of sorts for one of the congressmen) could certainly jump on board with Thompson. If he defies his reputation as a lazy worker, he could make a spectacular surge here
Fred likes his own chances in Iowa, as evident by this upbeat interview on Hannity & Colmes.

Fred Thompson's pro-life credentials are growing, having picked up the endorsement of the North Carolina Right-to-Life PAC.

Fred's been a long time in coming to the fore, but as people begin to realize that he is the only consistently conservative choice on the GOP ticket, look for the Fred Thompson juggernaut to gain full steam!

Full Speed Ahead, Fred!

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