Saturday, September 1, 2007

Don't Believe It!!

Some mind-numbed and ethically-challenged Ron Paul "truthers" have taken a movie clip from a "white supremacist role" that Fred Thompson played, and are trying to pass it off as his "leaked" presidential announcement video.

Reprising a movie clip of Fred Thompson in an acting role is hardly an “announcement video”

I guess Ron Paul activists have lost any sense of decorum, and will stop at nothing to advance their candidate, whether based on truth or not.

Pretty shameful behavior, don’t you think?

Pretty sorry when you have to resort to smear tactics against fellow Republicans.

But I guess there's no other recourse when your guy offers nothing of substance, eh?

1 comment:

Aaron said...

Now, now, you are just making the video more popular---nobody would ever believe that it was actually a Fred video...and if they did they are probably going to vote for hillary or giuliani...You might disagree with Ron Paul's positions but you can't say he doesn't have substance! He is probably the most prolific in terms of written statements, speeches, and knowledge of economic matters. You don't have to be a Ron Paul supporter to appreciate him...his writings on the federal reserve and gold standard are amazing and a must read for anyone interested in monetary policy--no matter what your political bias. I support Ron Paul...but I welcome Fred Thompson into the race. Do your homework.