Friday, August 24, 2007

Fred, it's time to shit or get off the pot.

Dear Mr. Thompson,

As you can see by the fact that I am the originator of this blog, I am a huge supporter of yours. Your ideas on Federalism, on Pro-Life Issues, on Second Amendment Rights, and the War on Terror, including Iraq, suggests that your ideas are a near--hell no--a perfect fit with what I value.

The problem sir, with all due respect, is that your coyness in declaring your candidacy is leading many who support you (including myself) to be a bit skiddish. While your hesitancy to declare may have paid dividends in the drone that was this past summer's Presidential scene, I fear that the law of diminishing returns on your strategy may have a way of catching up to you with a vengeance if you do not declare your candidacy soon.

Make no mistake, Mr. Thompson. You're still my guy. But I want my guy to make a difference. I want my guy to win.

With all due respect, don't blow it.


vmar10159 said...

Take a deep breath, and relax. Fred is not playing games, or being "coy". There is absolutely no advantage by declaring in August, when everyone is on vacation, and a slow news month. Fred is building his operation and doing everything that a declared candidate would be doing, save for the formal announcement. Fred literally has been drafted into the race, he hasn't been running for years. Show some patience, will ya? It's not like the primaries are in 2 weeks. Fred will have plenty of time to win- what's lacking here is the patience of certain supporters- just relax, and enjoy your Labor Day- the announcement will be shortly thereafter.

Leo Pusateri said...

Thanks for the response, vmar--

I will most gladly be proven wrong with my assertions.

jroosh said...

"what's lacking here is the patience of certain supporters"

I disagree with vmar10159.

Perception is reality. If supporters view him as being coy, than he is being coy.

If supporters are frustrated that is not a good thing.

Fred has missed more than a few opportunities to go head to head with his only viable competitor, Rudy Giuliani, and gain visibility with the many Americans that haven't put the face with the name.

Fred had momentum early on and I fear he may have lost it. The internet has created a free flow of information such that elections are now won and lost on less and less votes.

There may be no advantage to declaring in August, but there may be a disadvantage that he didn't declare some time ago.

vmar10159 said...


Well, people certainly can have misguided perceptions, but reality won't budge. Are you really in doubt as to Fred's intent at this juncture? Do you really feel that all of the cumulative actions Fred's nascent "campaign" over the past 3 months- adding staff, raising funds, touring around the country- lead you to believe that he is not going to declare?

If supporters view Fred as being coy, when in reality he is acting prudent, well, that's their own problem, and you can't please everyone. My sense is that there are many people who are just too impatient, and they are getting caught up in this mad rush to start this whole process way too early. Without spending a dime, he is right there with Rudy, and I sense that a good chunk of Rudy's support is soft. Rest assured, in the next Presidential election cycle, candidates are going to have to calculate when they formally announce- not everyone is going to make the mad rush to declare early.

Once Fred's name and face gain exposure to undecideds after his announcement, he is going to dramatically increase his chances- I expect a 5 percent bump in his poll numbers. Anywhere from 30-40 percent of Republicans remain undecided at this juncture. These are all very positive stats for Fred, potentially.

Fred's "momentum" will pick up in earnst after his formal declaration. There is plenty of time to expose him and his ideas to the public. If Fred loses, it will only be because we aren't as a party willing to select a Conservative candiate as are party's nominee, not because Fred didn't declare in January or July.

CDO said...

I agree. Fred is dragging it out so long that the mud is beginning to sling. I am a Fred Supporter, but I am going to have to move on if he doesn't commit real soon. For I am Hillbilly Willy Who is living the Rural Life which is a Great Lifein Arkansas especially if Fred will get off the pot.

Did somebody say "pot" Hey Pass it to me.

10-4 Hillbilly Willy