Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Forbes: Fred the Big Winner!

From the July '08 Tracker:

The big winner in July's Forbes '08 Tracker presidential poll is Fred Thompson. After his arrival on the list last month in second place in the overall "appeals" rating, a point behind former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Thompson leapfrogged Giuliani this month. He is the first candidate to have achieved a total appeal number above 50%.

The category of total appeal is a solid indication of how attractive a candidate is as a presidential contender. In this monthly study, 46 different attributes are examined by and its partner, California-based ePoll Market Research. This month, in addition to Thompson's gain, the poll showed Giuliani fading six percentage points, dropping to 43% from 49% in June. At the same time, the leading Democratic candidate, Barack Obama, slid four points to 41%, while Sen. Hillary Clinton slid two points to 29%.
And the juggernaut continues!

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