Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Frontrunner Fred?

From Rolling Stone:

6/12/07, 12:45 pm EST

Fred Thompson, Frontrunner?

The latest Rasmussen poll has Hollywood Fred in a first-place tie with Mr. 9/11 at 24 percent. That’s pretty stunning — and Thompson deserves credit. His quietly confident above-the-fray campaign has left the actor as a clean receptacle for much of the strong-brewed, none-of-the-above sentiment that’s fueling the GOP base right now.

But clearly the “Thompson epiphany” as some top conservatives are calling it, springs less of love for the Law & Order Republican, and more out of a sense of desperation among base voters who see the former Tennessee senator as the lesser of four evils....
If only it were that simple to explain away.

Thompson is:

  1. A communicator.
  2. Pro-border security.
  3. Anti illegal immigration
  4. Pro Life
  5. Pro-War-on-Terror/Victory in Iraq
Now what's a conservative not to like about Fred Thompson?

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